Consultation: reinforcement of path edges on Parker's Piece

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Added by Matthew

Cambridge City Council, using S106 funding, plan to reinforce the 1 metre wide grass edges of the footpaths on Parker's Piece, where issues of ground churn (mud) have been identified.

The reinforcement implementation method is proposed to be via plastic geo-cells, set on a suitable sub-base, wrapped in geotextile and covered with turf and/or grass seed.

The construction is designed to be porous, with the foundation being able to store excess water thereby reducing puddles and muddy areas that are currently forming on the path edges.

This should improve the grass edges for pedestrian and cycles without losing the grass covering.

The proposed improvement sections are the paths running from the centre of the open space around Reality Checkpoint to the University Arms Hotel, and to the kiosk/toilets adjacent to Gonville Place.

The majority of the reinforcements will be 1 metre wide. At the access near the kiosk/toilet, this width will be increased due to the high volume of traffic in the area and historical damage.


February 16th, 2018


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