S/2315/18/RM Land south of Fen Drayton Road, Swavesey - 99 dwellings

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D&A paragraph 4.18:

The following measures to provide accessibility by foot
and cycle are proposed:
• Provision of pedestrian/cycle links through the site;
• Internal road layout design to ensure low traffic
speeds. The design promotes safe walking and high
permeability through the site, and limit potential for
anti-social behaviour;
• Particular attention to be paid to surface quality, and
sufficient ‘overlook’ to provide a sense of safety and
security for users; and
• Appropriate signage and crossing points of roads
through the development, to include dropped kerbs,
tactile paving and guardrails as appropriate.

4.24 In accordance with Policy TI/3, the minimum internal
size of garages are 3.3m x 6m. These garages are large
enough to accommodate a cycle.

4.25 Dwellings that do not have garages have been provided
with a 1.8m x 0.9m cycle store in their private gardens.

E3532-531-S278 Footway and Raised Junction-Fen Drayton Road Ditch.pdf
E3532-705A-S278 Footway and Raised Junction-General Arrangement.pdf
E3532-780A-S278-Highway Construction Details.pdf

Show a fairly nasty chicane installed on the 'cycleway' they are building. 'Sustrans standard'.

B.0445_24D Parking Strategy.pdf

Accesses to cycle parking sheds in back gardens appear to be blocked in many cases by parked cars.


Approval of Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) in relation to the construction of 99 dwellings, open space, play space, highways layout, pumping station and all other associated infrastructure following outline planning permission S/1027/16/OL

Land South of Fen Drayton Road, Swavesey, Cambs, CB24 4RS


South Cambridgeshire

Application reference : S/2315/18/RM



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