18/1195/REM Eddington - 186 residential units in 'cycle friendly building'

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Transport statement:

4.7 At surface level, a total of 54 covered cycle parking spaces, including 6 off-gauge spaces for trailers, for use by residents are provided in three locations adjacent to Blocks B, C and D.
Additionally, 50 visitor spaces will be provided in various locations adjacent to Turing Way.

4.8 A dedicated cycle lane along the access ramp will provide direct access to the basement level cycle parking facilities. A total of 244 cycle parking spaces for residents will be provided within the basement alongside with 14 off-gauge spaces.

4.9 The total of 348 cycle parking spaces for residents and provision for visitor parking is
significantly over the standards outlined in the North West Cambridge AAP.

4.10 Apartments are also sized to incorporate cycle storage over and above those specific facilities provided at the ground floor and basement levels and provide storage space for an additional 195 cycles. Within the building, design features such as widened corridors and relaxed corners will facilitate use of the cycle storage within apartments.

4.11 The lifts from the basement level to each floors for the apartments will be dimensioned at 1.85 metres by 1.4 metres to accommodate cycles. Cycle washing facilities will also be provided within the basement.

4.15 A total of 187 car parking spaces are proposed for the use of future residents.

Initial thoughts:

Interesting effort and the developers gave a presentation for some of us a while back, at NW Cambridge site.

The row of diagonal cycle parking in the basement is flawed: they got the spacing right but forgot to account correctly for the length of cycles, which will stick out into the swept path of cars parking.

It's unclear how the car ramp to the basement will be controlled, since it is a single lane wide, which means that drivers will need to be held at a red signal in the circulation lane. Meanwhile people cycling can flow up and down the ramp (haven't measured width yet) but would be crossing over the car lane. Also have not yet found the slope of the ramp, though it looks fairly long.

The dimensions of the lift at 1.85m long and 1.4m wide may accommodate a traditional bicycle (just barely, in terms of length). Unlikely to accommodate a larger cycle, which can be assumed to be up to 1.2m in width and 2-2.3m in length for a cargo cycle (2.8m in length for a bike with a trailer), according to IAN 195/16.

I think the car parking is excessive for what is supposed to be a 'sustainable neighbourhood' with cycleways, and this is the closest building to the Park & Ride as well, enjoying easy access to both the U and P&R buses. Note: this building is market apartments, so it is probably fair to assume somewhat higher car ownership rates than the University student and staff buildings, but 1:1 is excessive.


Reserved Matters application pursuant to application 13/1402/S73 for construction of 186 residential units, access road, cycle parking, car parking, landscaping, utilities and associated ancillary structures.

Lot S3 North West Development Site Madingley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire



Application reference : 18/1195/REM



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