18/1601/FUL 35-37 Russell St - 7 1BR flats & communal cycle park

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Added by Matthew

'car-free' development (except 1 blue badge space)

4 1BR units targeted at 2 residents and 3 1BR units targeted at a single resident.

The cycle park in the rear garden is almost large enough to contain 3 Sheffield stands + 1 half-usable Sheffield, for 7 spaces. It appears to measure 3400mm in width internally -- would need about 3750mm to truly fit that arrangement within spec.

There is a door on the passageway to reach the rear garden, next to the bins, which is only 850mm wide. Needs to be at least 1000mm according to Section 3.8.1.


The erection of seven residential flats with associated communal garden space, disabled parking, and cycle store, following the demolition of the existing building on site at 35-37 Russell Street, Cambridge.

35 - 37 Russell Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1HT



Application reference : 18/1601/FUL



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