S/4594/18/RM Busway link from Broadway into Cambourne

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Added by Matthew

Unsure why this is coming forward now but it appears they want to establish the Cambourne part of the busway that will run via Bourn Airfield site into Cambourne. There is a 4m 'footway' separated by a 0.5m buffer next to it. It's not labelled as such but this would probably be the 'strategic cycleway' link also via Bourn Airfield.


Approval of matters reserved for access, appearance, Landscaping, layout and scale following Outline planning permission S/3329/16/OL for a bus link between Sterling Way and Broadway. The outline application was not EIA development. Land between Stirling Way and Broadway, Land for bus Link, Between Stirling Way and the Broadway, Cambourne http://plan.scambs.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=S/4594/18/RM South Cambridgeshire Application reference : S/4594/18/RM



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