19/0156/FUL NW Cambridge Lot H - 150 room hotel, 180 room aparthotel, cafe, etc

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Added by Matthew

D&A Part 14 has the details on cycle parking.

118 long-stay spaces

42 short-stay spaces

40 cycle hire spaces

Much of the long-stay is provided by Broxap Hi-Rise Two Tier Cycle Storage Solution (need to check if this is gas-assisted). The bottom row of these are provided by 'Sheffield stands' placed underneath the second tier. However it appears that these Sheffield stands are spaced at 800mm intervals.

There are also 18 'off gauge' spaces provided by Sheffield stands (however these are not well-positioned and we should recommend that they use half-height Sheffield stands that are positioned to the side of the cycle parking space, not the middle).

Southern guest cycle parking area page 143 has double doors of 1810mm width (not indicated whether it is easy to open the doors while walking a bike).

Northern guest cycle parking area on page 144 includes a 'larger bike parking space' that is smaller than a bike.

Both have 'Maintenance spaces' that mysteriously have a Sheffield stand in them - unclear what this is.


Full Planning Approval is sought for 150 room hotel and 180 room aparthotel (C1 Use Class), with ancillary uses including a restaurant, bar, cafe, co-working space and gym, along with associated cycle parking, car parking, landscaping, utilities and associated ancillary structures. North West Cambridge Site Lot H Cambridge https://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PMESL7DXJIA00 Cambridge Application reference : 19/0156/FUL



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