Cambridge Cycle Brochure

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Added by John Hall

Cambridge Cycle Brochure

Just a starting point

Format A4
4 to 8 pages
Images and artwork
Audience - Provide solutions for:
school run
commuters - better experience
older people
non cyclists - journey times
improve you neighbourhood
car free households - Zip cars
council officers
village residents
- taxi drivers and our critics

Delivery - with News and Crier?
A test delivery could be used to assess the response to the brochure in terms of new memberships or visits to a web page

off road routes to drivers such as along the Cam
3D barcode links to video etc
Segregated cycle routes
Hub and spokes to villages
The CT
West Cambridge Development
Why should new development contain cycle paths?
Why should new buildings have good cycle facilities?
What kind of bike training is available?
Membership form perhaps with a discount for direct debits?
Priority over side roads / platforms / set back crossing
Build it and it will be used e.g. Shelford Path 300k users per annum
Health benefits
Noise pollution
Who pays for roads
Cargo bikes
Go Dutch


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