This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cambridge Cycling Campaign:

  • 18/2062/FUL just east of Clerk Maxwell - 35 new dwellings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Need to measure the cycle parking sheds

    May be a good one to test policy 80 and continuous footways as this will cut a new access driveway into the existing footway on the east side of Clerk Maxwell.


    Erection of 35 dwellings (12 x 1bed, 4 x 2bed, 10 x 3bed and 9 x 4+bed) and re-position of existing access onto Clerk Maxwell Road. Provision of new spine road, parking, cycle provision, landscaping and associated infrastructure. Clerk Maxwell Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire Cambridge Application reference : 18/2062/FUL

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  • 19/0004/FUL Romsey Labour Club

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Transport Assessment

    4.16 Cycle parking for residents will be provided on the proposed basement level. Access will be
    provided via the main lobby, leading to a cycle wheel ramp. This will descend into a cycle
    store room with capacity for 38 cycles. The main staircase and lift will descend into the
    basement for direct access to the main residential block.

    4.17 As part of the development proposals, an on-site bike / ebike loan scheme will be implemented
    for the future residents of the services apartments to provide a readily available opportunity
    for travel by cycle.

    4.18 Visitor cycle parking will be provided at ground level, with capacity for 24 cycles. These will
    be provided adjacent to the western front of the site and can be accessed directly from
    Coleridge Road.

    Dimensions look OK. Main issue is basement. I think it's unavoidable, so the questions are:

    What is the gradient of the ramp?

    Is there enough turning space at the bottom?

    What provision is being made for people who cannot use the stairs/ramp to reach the basement? (none currently, but the courtyard looks reasonable) Alternatively can the lift be used for cycles? (it's 2m by 2m)

    Where are the mentioned e-bike hire bikes being parked?


    Serviced apartment (sui generis use class) scheme containing 38no self-contained 1xbed room units along with Cafe, gym and community space at ground floor with a vehicle drop-off zone, disabled car parking space, cycle parking and associated landscaping and retention of existing BLI frontage. Romsey Labour Club Mill Road Cambridge CB1 3NL Cambridge Application reference : 19/0004/FUL

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  • 18/2013/FUL 78 Arbury Road - change to 10 person HMO

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Cycle shelter in back garden appears to be 5m by 2m (crudely drawn) while application claims there are 12 cycle parking spaces.


    Change of use to 9-bed HMO for 10 persons (sui generis) 78 Arbury Road Cambridge CB4 2JE Cambridge Application reference : 18/2013/FUL

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  • S/4542/18/FL 56 High Green - change of use into wine shop / bar

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Claims to only require 9 cycle spaces under SCambs policy (probably correct). Transport Statement proposes 5 Sheffield stands. Site plan shows 4 Sheffield stands, positioned outside the red line. Application form claims only '5' cycle parking spaces to be provided.

    County Highways is objecting to danger on the public highway potentially caused by deliveries and customers stopping in the mandatory cycle lane, as well as the positioning of the Sheffield stands on what appears to be public highway land.


    Change of use from furniture shop to mixed A1 (retail) and A4 (drinking establishment) De Freville House, 6 , 56 High Green, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5EG South Cambridgeshire Application reference : S/4542/18/FL

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  • NICE consultation on active travel

    Created by TJ // 1 thread

    NICE - (national institute for Health and care excellence) are running a consultation on active travel for encouraging the general population to travel actively.

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  • Trumpington / Chaucer Road Junction

    Created by Robert Sansom // 1 thread

    Proposed new signallng for Trumpington Road / Chaucer Road junction.

    Issues with this:

    1. There is no details as to whether there are toucan crossing signals for the shared use path across the Chaucer Road Arm.

    2. It does not improve safety for city-bound cyclists/pedestrians who still have to avoid vehicles turning left into Chaucer Road.

    2. There remains a major problem with the on road cycle lane on the outbound side where the rear ends of large vehicles, especially coaches and busses, enter into the cycle lane as the vehicles make the slight right turn after the existing island.

    Work is meant to be starting 14th January! Can I write a letter on behalf of the cycling campaign pointing out these issues?

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  • 18/1934/OUT 249 Newmarket Road - 8 studio flats.

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Claims more than 7 cycle parking spaces to be provided in courtyard but I can't find any real details.


    Outline application (appearance reserved) for the erection of 8 studio flats. The Seven Stars Public House 249 Newmarket Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB5 8JE Cambridge Application reference : 18/1934/OUT

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  • 18/1953/FUL Hudson Close - 7 flats and cycle parking

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Well spaced Sheffield stands except that poles are blocking the aisles, making them unusable.


    Development of seven apartments in a barn style building with associated cycle parking, car parking, refuse store, access, landscaping and all other works necessary to facilitate the proposed development. Land At Hudson Close Hudson Close Cambridge CB2 8HD Cambridge Application reference : 18/1953/FUL

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  • S/4594/18/RM Busway link from Broadway into Cambourne

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Unsure why this is coming forward now but it appears they want to establish the Cambourne part of the busway that will run via Bourn Airfield site into Cambourne. There is a 4m 'footway' separated by a 0.5m buffer next to it. It's not labelled as such but this would probably be the 'strategic cycleway' link also via Bourn Airfield.


    Approval of matters reserved for access, appearance, Landscaping, layout and scale following Outline planning permission S/3329/16/OL for a bus link between Sterling Way and Broadway. The outline application was not EIA development. Land between Stirling Way and Broadway, Land for bus Link, Between Stirling Way and the Broadway, Cambourne South Cambridgeshire Application reference : S/4594/18/RM

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  • 18/1782/FUL Cowley Road - Office development

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Proposes 120 cycle parking spaces via two-tier racks.


    Four storey office development (B1 use) with associated car and bicycle parking, plant room, sub station and landscaping. William James House 50 - 55 Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WU Cambridge Application reference : 18/1782/FUL

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  • Stow-cum-Quy no cycle path

    Created by Robbie397 // 1 thread

    There is now a nice new fully separated cycle path from the north end of Stow-cum-Quy along Colders Lane and Quy Road, which provides easy access to Anglesey Abbey, Lode, and a useful connection between cycle routes 51 and 11, with onward access to Wicken Fen. This is really great. However, to get onto this path from cycle route 51, just after the Newmarket Road junction with the A14, requires cycling along half a mile of busy, narrow, 30 mph road with no cycleway, and traffic calming (islands) that encourages wreckless overtaking of bicycles. The only safe option is to cycle on a narrow footpath with no signage. 

    Could at least painted cycle lanes be added to the road here, and with a 20 mph speed limit to make the village nicer for cyclists, residents and pedestrians? This could also encourage many more visitors to Anglesey Abbey from Cambridge to go by bike, and to go more regularly, benefiting the National Trust. 

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  • Girton to Oakington cycle path

    Created by Philip Garsed // 1 thread

    Cambridgeshire County Council have a project to upgrade the existing Girton-Oakington cycle path. The upgrade is planned between the northern end of Manor Farm Road in Girton and Mansell Farm in Oakington (start of 30 mph limit), between which the majority of the route will be widened to ~3 m. There are no real proposals to improve the junction with New Road.

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  • 18/1887/FUL side of 57 Peveral Road - new detached 3-BR dwelling

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    cycle parking is a vague 'bike storage' area handwaved in the rear garden somewhere

    the plot is oddly shaped like a triangle, and it's completely unclear how the rear garden could be accessed at all.


    Erection of a detached 3-bed dwelling to the side of 57 Peverel Road. 57 Peverel Road Cambridge CB5 8RN Cambridge Application reference : 18/1887/FUL

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  • Improvements to Market Square

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    There are a number of Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership (GCP) projects that could present opportunities for improvements to Market Square. What improvements would Camcycle suggest for safer walking and cycling?


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  • Cycle path though Clay Farm Community Garden

    Created by Dave Fox // 1 thread

    There is to be a new cycle path running W-E through the developing community garden in the Clay Farm development in Cambridge's southern fringe. It follows the line of a gas main (purple line on the plan).

    The garden is already split by Hobson Avenue running N-S. The cycle route crosses that road and there are four 15metre wide gaps in the hedge where the cycle route enters/exits the garden.

    The cycle path will probably have a chicane design at each end to slow cyclists at junction points. Here are some questions about the cycle path:

    * How can the design ensure safety at the Hobson Road crossing?
    * What should the four entrances/exits be like?
    * What garden features should there be along the cycle path’s route?
    * Should there be lighting?
    * What other questions occur to you about the cycle path, and what answers can you offer?

    This is part of a consultation intended for local residents, however I hope that someone here might be able to comment especially on the safety of the junctions where the cycle route crosses Hobson Avenue.

    (The cycle route also crosses the busway at the Foster Road stop, though I guess that bit is beyond the scope of the community garden's consultation.)

    Feel free to ask me here for clarifications, and please comment at the community garden's page below.

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  • 18/1876/FUL 44 St Andrew St - Hobson House - refurb into hotel & retail

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    D&A p113 (section: Accessibility): 'Cycle storage has been minimised on the site to reflect the hotel’s use and proximity to the City Centre. We therefore show 16 spaces in alignment with the Transport Assessment.'

    Room with '16' cycles (unspecified arrangement) accessed from Downing Place.

    5 Sheffield stands shown in front on the pavement.

    Planning Statement:
    6.40 Downing Street will provide cycle access to 16 cycle spaces provided for staff within the site. These would be inside the building, so covered and secure, with lockers. The provision of 16 spaces is based in the cycle parking standards in the Local Plan requiring 2 space for every 5 members of staff. In this stance, with 18 staff this would require 7 cycle spaces. The additional provision will allow for flexibility to accommodate any additional

    6.42 Guests travelling to the site by cycle may use the dockless cycle hire schemes now available in Cambridge, including Ofo and Mobike. These schemes do not require dedicated cycle parking spaces, and could be attractive to guests arriving at Cambridge Station without heavy luggage to then cycle the 1.4km (or 0.85 miles) to the site.

    Didn't see much discussion about safety of the drop-off/pick-up area in front except that it 'would not block the carriageway'.


    Change of use and refurbishment of the existing Grade II listed office building (use Class B1(a) Offices to a 57 bed boutique hotel (Use Class C1) and cafe/tea room (use Class A3), in include replacement of glazed screen on the St Andrew's street facade, upgrading thermal character of the glazed roof over drill hall to create a central atrium, removal of existing northern wing to create two floors above, second floor extension to the existing southern wing; together with partial demolition and replacement new-building at the rear and associated works.

    Cambridge City Council Hobson House 42 - 44 St Andrews Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 3AS


    Application reference : 18/1876/FUL

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  • 18/1862/FUL Regent St / Gonville Pl - Lloyds House - refurbish as offices

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Plans to increase cycle parking provision from 6 to 62 as part of works to refurbish.

    Outer 'courtyard' facing Gonville Place will be enclosed by a fence creating an area with 20 Sheffield stands.

    The remaining spaces will be provided by double-stackers next to the car park in the interior courtyard.


    Change of use from mixed A2/B1 use to B1 offices, and external works including alterations to elevations and erection of boundary treatment.

    Lloyds TSB Lloyds House 95 - 97 Regent Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1BQ


    Application reference : 18/1862/FUL

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  • Steps in kerb on new Arbury Road cycle paths

    Created by Rick // 1 thread

    The new cycle lanes on Arbury Road are great but I'm worried the asphalt height hasn't been done to a tight enough tolerance. In places the step from the road up the kerb to the cycle path is quite large, so I'm reluctant to move over from the road to the cycle lane until I reach a flat part.

    I may be being over-cautious but I've had bad experiences in the past with falling off and bucked wheels from riding up kerbs at too shallow an angle, and I'm reluctant to experiment too hard!

    Does anyone know what the tolerance is meant to be, and whether it has been met here?

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  • Station Road Histon - close to through traffic?

    Created by Joe Adam // 1 thread

    Station Road in Histon seems to have a large, and in my view inappropriate amount of through traffic.
    I assume the majority of the traffic is attempting to avoid the traffic lights and the Green and shave some time of their drive through Histon.
    There is a large amount of foot and cycle traffic along this road, as the direct route between two schools with many parents having children at both (infant and junior).
    The foot paths are very narrow and the amount of traffic makes cycling (espcially with children) intimidating.
    I think the situation (for people on bikes and foot at least) could very cheaply be massively improved by blocking Station road to through traffic, restoring thee road to what it should be, a quiet residential street.
    I suppose this would lead to some traffic jams, at least at first until people get used to it.

    I've recently spoken to several people, mostly other parents, who have similar opinions. Does anyone have a view on a good way forward in terms of campaigning on this?
    I wondered about trying to set up a petition, which I could circulate amount parents to try and show that there could be significant support for this. Or course there may also be significant backlash.... Or should I try and talk to the parish council first. Any thoughts welcome.
    I've suggested this to the parish council several times (as have other parents I discover) but nothing has yet happened (I've not even had a reply...)

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