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  • Upgraded cycleway from Cambourne to Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

    Created by Alan Everitt // 1 thread

    Hardwick is seen as a commuter village for Cambridge but currently there are no cycle paths at all within the village, other than a 2 mile long on-road advisory shared with 40 mph traffic. There is also no cycle path north-south through the village - just over a mile. This is a village of around 1250 homes currently being extended to around 1500 but with little attention being paid to cycling yet.

    In the S.106 Agreement for West Cambourne construction (2350 homes), SCDC Planning Reference S/2903/14/OL, Cambridge County Council have included an upgraded Cycle and footpath from West Cambourne to Cambridge passing through Hardwick. This can be seen in the S.106 Agreement Schedule 13 and is shown as Fully Funded in the current Cambridge County Council Transport Investment Plan, Scheme number 123.

    Before construction of this goes ahead, will there be consultation with villages and residents along the route and do we have any indication of when this might commence? I note there should be plans available but these plans should be readable, clarified and modified with input from the villages on the route including Hardwick.

    In the original plan submitted it seems the cycle paths proposed pass directly in front of 150 or so businesses and residential properties accesses and driveways which would seem to be entirely inappropriate for serious cycle-to-work opportunities. 

    This route appears to be independent from the Cambridge County Council "Greenways" initiative which also did not engage with Hardwick either


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  • Contraflow on Park Terrace

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The section of Park Terrace behind the hotel is wide enough for a cycle contraflow.

    Although people can cycle in front of the pavilion, this is shared use and can be busy with pedestrians. It also means encountering traffic lights involving a wait unnecessarily.

    Given that there is space, there seems no good reason not to provide a contraflow - in line with the principle that two-way cycling should be possible unless there is no space to do so.

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  • 20/01640/REM 286 No. dwellings, Cambourne

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread

    Approval of matters reserved for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission S/2903/14/OL for 286 No. dwellings including affordable housing, associated hard and soft landscaping and all ancillary works.

    Parcels 1.3B, 1.3C, 1.3E, 1.4A And 1.4B Sheepfold Lane Cambourne Cambs CB23 6EA


    Application reference : 20/01640/REM

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  • Allowing motorcycles in bus lanes

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    The County Council would like to know our opinion on allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes. 

    Motorcycling has become increasingly popular as it is a cheaper alternative than travelling by car, it provides independence and mobility and reduces journey times and emissions on congested roads.


    As part of the climate change strategy action plan, the County Council at its meeting on 19th December 2019, agreed to consult on the use of bus lanes for motorcycles and scooters, collectively referred to as powered-two-wheelers.


    Over 30 UK towns and cities permit motorcycles in bus lanes since the original trials in London back in 2009 and 2011 demonstrated reduced journey times and environmental benefits with no significant safety issues for motorcyclists or other vulnerable road users.


    We would therefore welcome your views on whether you support the use of bus lanes by powered-two-wheelers, these together with any additional comments should be sent in writing to the undersigned or by email to by 10th April 2020 quoting reference PTWBus.


    The feedback we receive will help us understand the level of support for the scheme.

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  • Bridge Street

    sound+fury // 0 threads

    The pavement here is narrow. Is there a way of improving the environment for walking and cycling at the same time?

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  • Jesus Lane junction

    sound+fury // 0 threads

    Traffic signals hold up not just vehicles but bike riders too. This should change with consideration given to walkers as well.

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  • Bike parking needed

    sound+fury // 0 threads

    Several bikes fly parked in this area, showing that bike racks would be welcome. (Reported originally on Twitter by Alex Raha (@Rahario)

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  • insufficient visibility due to solid building site boundary

    Sam // 1 thread

    The site for the new building between in the triangle between the cycle path the busway, and non-busway road has a solid hoarding around it. To help visibility, the solid hoardings have been removed for 3 panels on the cycle path side, and only 2 on the road side, so traffic has greater visibility of cyclists that cyclists have of motor vehicles - so vehicles assume there is nothing coming and slow down less than they should.

    To increase visibility on the corner, the third solid panel should be replaced with the mesh fencing, as has already been done for the first two on the other side.

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  • S/3290/19/RM: New Dvlpt 110 dwellings on Land East of Teversham Road, Fulbourn

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Approval of matters reserved for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline planning permission S/0202/17/OL for the development of 110 dwellings with areas of landscaping and public open space and associated infrastructure works The outline was screened and confirmed not too be EIA development

    Land east of Teversham Road, Fulbourn, Cambs

    South Cambridgeshire

    Application reference : S/3290/19/RM

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  • Huntingdon Road: Girton Corner area improvements needed

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    The A14 project is bringing a cycleway into the city as far as the University farm. Previous County projects have created a decent inbound cycleway from Laurence Weaver Road and an almost OK painted lane outbound to here. There's a section of cycleway from Girton Corner to Eddington Avenue, and at Girton Corner there's a connection to The Ridgeway along Bunker's Hill. There are Cycleways intercepting Huntingdon Road at Whitehouse Lane, both into Eddington and into Darwin Green. 

    But oh dear. Laurence Weaver Road junction is awful. Eddington Avenue junction is awful, and there's a very narrow and much over-run cycle lane to the north of it. Girton Corner junction is poor and serves poorly those who want to go from Girton village and College to the Ridgeway.

    The section of road needs a holistic approach that incorporates the route along and the routes crossing in a coherent manner.

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  • Appalling condition of cycleway between Fulbourn Tesco and railway

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    The cycleway has a sever problem with tree-root damage. The largest fault is a sharp triangular profile about 10cm high. This has been reported to CambsCC six times according to their fault reporting, starting two years ago, including one person who came off their bike beacause of it. I reported it in September 2018. Nothing whatsoever has been done about it.

    I wrote to my county councillor (John Williams, in whose division this also lies) about the failure to act in January. He did not reply. I have written again today.

    Yesterday, I was thrown off my bike by my pedal catching the largest upstand. Fortunately the only damage was a sore knee for a few hours.

    I have now made a formal complaint of negligence to the Counmty Council. They have had two years and a report of injury, but have failed to act.

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  • Tins railway bridge fencing

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    The chain-link fencing on the south side of the path on the west ramp off the Tins rail bridge is badly bowed out into the path. This is at face level and could take someone's eye out: it is dangerous.

    There was already a report on county HIghways for this, which was dismissed as "landowner responsibility", which may be network rail or may be the chalk pits land. There was no indication in the closed issue whether they had actually informed the landowner, so I reported it again today.

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  • Addenbrooke's roundabout - fundamental redesign

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    This is a hostile roundabout. It has been fiddled around with over the years, to add advisory cycle lanes, lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.

    The area needs a fundamental redesign, to replace the roundabout probably with a protected intersection design.

    It is outrageous that a health site such as Addenbrooke's has such an unsafe and anti-cycling junction as its main entrance.

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  • Rustat Road reduction of parking spaces to improve visibility

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Now that the residents' parking scheme is in place, it is clear that there are many more spaces provided than are actually in use.

    The amount of space should be slimmed down ASAP.

    In particular, the area round the exit from the cut-through from Clifton Road desperately needs to have the parking removed year, to make the visibility much better. A couple of vehicles park there, yet they could easily park 20m away in one of the now empty bays.

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  • Station Road cycle lanes needed

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Station Road has a bit of cycle lane provision, but it is spotty.

    There should be cycle lanes on both sides of the road, the full length.

    Taxis should have to queue in the station area car park itself, not 250m away on Station Road.

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  • Fitzroy Lane has no pavement

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Fitzroy Lane is a major walking route to the Grafton Centre, but bizarrely has no pavement.

    One of the two parking queuing lanes should be removed, and pavements added on at least the east side of the street, if not both sides.

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  • Maid's Causeway / Newmarket Road cycleway

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Maid's Causeway and the town side of Newmarket Road (until the roundabout) is a mish-mash of a few bits of cycle lane. This is a wide road.

    This should be changed to proper cycle tracks. This can be done without moving pavements.

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  • Dutch-quality cycle tracks for Elizabeth Way bridge

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 3 threads

    Elizabeth Way is wide. Currently cycling is permitted on the pavements.

    This should be changed to have dutch-style cycle tracks, achieved by narrowing the road slightly and narrowing the pavements (which are very wide and not heavily trafficked, so this would not disadvantage pedestrians).

    This would give a safer cycling environment, and improve the pedestrian experience.

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  • Advisory cycle lanes on Gonville Place

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Gonville Place at the Mill Road end needs queue-busting cycle lanes, as per East Road.

    As the image shows, there is plenty of space here.

    The Hills Road end goes to three lanes so that would be more difficult. The Mill Road end is much easier and can be regarded as a simple 'quick win'.

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  • Cycle parking needed on Ainsworth Street

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Like many areas of Petersfield, Ainsworth Street has no cycle parking but there are bikes left along the pavements.

    Cycle parking should be provided.

    Every night, and during the day, there are always at least some spots of car parking unused. Therefore there is scope to remove a few spaces and install residential cycle parking, as per Thoday Street.

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  • Kingston Street yellow lines should be double to prevent pavement parking

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    Kingston Street has a major problem with pavement parking.

    Bizarrely the yellow line restriction on the east side (nearest the railway) allows parking on that side of the road during certain times, but that is not possible to do without either blocking the road or parking on the pavement.

    Current restrictions are Monday-Saturday, 8.30am-5.30pm. This should be double yellow lines (24 hours). That would still permit deliveries.

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