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  • #camcyclequest - a treasure hunt by bike for the 2019 Festival of Cycling

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    We are planning a treasure hunt for the 2019 Cambridge Festival of Cycling in September.

    The idea is to produce a pocket-size, attractively-produced booklet with a suggested route and clues to solve, items to collect and so on, which will be sold for a modest price. There would be a prize.

    This topic is a place to discuss ideas for this. I (David Earl) will be taking the lead in getting this together. Roxanne and Anna are seeking funding partners.

    If you'd like to help, please say so in the thread.

    Just one thing though - please don't put clue suggestions or answers here! If you do chances are people taking part will have read them, which rather spoils the fun.

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  • Cambridge Festival of Cycling

    Created by Roxanne (CEO) // 24 threads

    Camcycle is launching the first ever 'Cambridge Festival of Cycling' which we plan to grow into a recurring festival in September each year.

    Along with a range of events, we also plan to conduct a month long Cambridge Cycling Survey.

    The aims of the festival:
    - Increase awareness of Camcycle leading to more members, volunteers and influence, particularly among new audiences
    - Encourage more, better and safer cycling, for all ages and abilities
    - Increase our income thorough sponsorship opportunities
    - Increase engagement with our campaigning activities
    - Create relationships with other community groups who can partner with us on festival events.

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