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  • 23/02685/FUL Part demolition and refurbishment of the Grafton Centre

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    i) Demolition of 11-12 Burleigh Street and Abbeygate House, ii) Part demolition and alterations to the Grafton Centre, removal of existing facades, erection of new floorspace for life science use, new and replacement fa├žades and shopfronts, provision of terraces at fourth floor level, installation of plant and enclosures, iii) Redevelopment of existing bus turning head and redundant service area to provide new hotel and leisure quarter, iv) New pedestrian access route from Christchurch Street to Burleigh Street, provision of cycle parking spaces, public realm and landscape improvements, v) Highway works to East Road providing new bus stops, pedestrian and cycle routes and other associated works.

    Grafton Centre Fitzroy Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 23/02685/FUL

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  • Access route to the Beehive Centre to be blocked by gate

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The City Council is about to install a gate on Thursday 26th November 2015 which will basically block the access to the Beehive Centre, forcing cyclists onto a narrow pavement gap.

    The city council has written to residents living nearby to inform them of this; there has been no consultation or, as far as I'm aware, consultation with any organisation.

    The reason is to stop commuter parking on what is termed a 'private road' round the back of the houses; I am not convinced it is a private road. However, this is particularly galling since the same Councillor Blencowe mentioned in the letter also wrote to residents to state that they are not proceeding with a residents' parking zone, i.e. that commuter parking will continue to be permitted.

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