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  • Whittlesford Parkway Master Planning

    Due to the potential growth near Whittlesford Parkway train station and the increasing popularity of commuting by train, a master planning exercise has been commissioned by the Greater Cambridge Partnership. It will identify the transport interventions required to improve capacity and connectivity, as well as mitigate congestion in the area. After this has been completed, a Rural Travel Hub for Whittlesford may be explored in more detail. WYG, an engineering consultancy, have been commissioned to undertake the project.

    Whittlesford was initially suggested as a site for a pilot Rural Travel Hub; transport interchanges providing links to public transport and cycling or walking routes. Due to the number of planned developments in the area, it was recommended that a master planning exercise is carried out first.

    The project will be looking into understanding the needs of residents, commuters and stakeholders and also include recommendations on how best to solve the issues identified. It is envisaged that the research will be reported back to the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Executive Board towards the end of this year with officer recommendations.

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