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  • Newnham to Newmarket Road (N2N) Supercycleway

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 10 threads

    The route from the Royal Cambridge Hotel junction to Newmarket Road is a catalogue of hostile junctions, squeezed road situations, narrow cycle lanes, high collisions, and slow progress through this crucial part of the ring road. What is needed is a total overhaul of this route to add either a Danish or Dutch -style cycle route (2m+ could be achieved in most sections, with only one or two sections a squeezed 1.5m) that would encourage a massive shift of people from cars to bikes. To be clear: this is a proposal that a proper, strategic cycleway, that forms a coherent, uninterrupted route is needed, not bits of random infrastructure. See:

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  • Newmarket Road Bus Priority

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    The Draft Cambridgeshire Long Term Transport Strategy and Local Transport Plan Refresh has, as a City Deal item, a £43million project to create "Comprehensive segregated bus priority / Busway on Newmarket Road into Cambridge between Airport Way and Elizabeth Way / East Road."

    This is quite clearly an opportunity to get far better cycle provision on this corridor.

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