No cycling provision for crossing Warwick Road into town center

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Added by Bracken VanRyssen

There is no cycling provision at all from the end of the shared use path next to the hospital to the cycle stands at the end of Mill Lane (Mell Square). This is the last half a mile of the official signed cycle route from the Coventry Road to Solihull center, however it fails on the last-mile provision. The Warwick Road is wide and busy and the pavement and crossings are pedestrian only, making the last stretch a bit of a pain to do by bicycle. People on bicycles have to either dismount and walk across the crossings and some distance into the center, or take their chances with the fast and busy dual-carriageway.
Could benefit from cycle specific crossings and paths across the junction, overall pedestrian numbers are relatively low but enough people use the pavements to cause conflict if they were converted to shared-use.


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