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Cambridge Cycling Campaign was formed in 1995 to provide a voice for cyclists in Cambridge and the surrounding villages. We aren't a cycling club, but an organisation of volunteers campaigning for the rights of cyclists and promoting cycling in and around Cambridge. We lobby for better and more convenient conditions for cycling, safer roads, and more people on bikes. It is now a charity, registered number 1138098. More information at

  • Ox-Cam Arc

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    Last month, the Government launched the process to develop a long-term Spatial Framework for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. The Government’s ambition is to support a better, more sustainable approach to planning for growth and investment in the area.

    The Government's proposal:

    What is the Arc?

    The Oxford-Cambridge Arc (the Arc) is a globally significant area between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge. It is formed of five ceremonial counties: Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

    It supports over two million jobs, adds over £110 billion to the economy every year and houses one of the fastest growing economies in England.

    Our ambition for the Arc

    There is an opportunity, recognised by government and local partners, to build a better economic, social and environmental future for the area. With high-quality, well-connected and sustainable communities making the Arc an even more beautiful place to live, work and visit.

    Delivering the ambition

    To achieve this ambition, the government alongside local partners, is going to:

    • Develop a Spatial Framework for the Arc; a long-term strategic plan to help coordinate the infrastructure, environment and new developments in the area. We are committed to working with local communities throughout so we can create beautiful and sustainable places for residents and workers to enjoy.

    • Explore the creation of an Arc Growth Body; that would be a clear economic leadership voice for the Arc, championing its talent and assets internationally, supporting businesses, and fostering innovation.

    Areas of focus

    Productivity and jobs

    The Arc currently generates over £110 billion to the UK economy every year.

    The Arc has the potential to become a world-leading and globally renowned centre for business, innovation and investment in a variety of industries, including AI (Artificial Intelligence), advanced manufacturing and life sciences.


    With a strategic approach to planning for growth, we can enhance the area’s natural environment and biodiversity, ensure communities and businesses have access to the infrastructure they need, and ensure new development is more affordable and beautiful so that it enhances places across the Arc.

    Infrastructure and connectivity

    Improving connectivity across the Arc with a new rail line between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge will link communities with employment and leisure opportunities.

    While integrating sustainable and accessible transport options will support our ambition for the Arc and ensure homes and employment sites are situated in the right places.


    Encouraging clean growth and the creation of sustainable communities will support us in improving the quality of life for those that live and work in the Arc. While also helping us future-proof its businesses and communities against the effects of climate change.

    Key documents

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  • Bar Hill Cycleway

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    This is probably an old issue, but I only discovered this cycleway on Sunday.  I very nearly had a bad accident cycling through the pinch point (pram arms) at the Dry Drayton end of the Bar Hill Cycleway.  There are many photos on Cycle Street's photomap (e.g. 26327) that illustrate the invisibility in the shade of the metal arms.  No signage or reflective tape to warn of the hazard.  For me, this is MUCH more dangerous than the A14 bridges. (I have signed the petition and attended the Highways meeting.)  Similar obstruction towards Bar Hill too, but by then I knew to walk the bike through!

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