Harmston Rise failure to stop

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Added by Trothben


As discussed at pedals meetings I confidently step out onto pedestrian crossings...
I keep it in mind that the car may not stop...

Really need to challenge powers that be over this one.
Either its enforceable and the driver needs to be cautioned by NP suggest Driving with due care and attention.
NCC need to get their act together with the level side road treatments.

Be that rumble strips better approach warnings plastic wands to tighten the space.

silver lining: video shows the driver is riding the brakes around the whole corner through the crossing. He is already braking when I enter the challenge. shows the feeder speed of 40mph is too high.

Suggested action: enter formal notice (for legal purposes) to NCC regarding inherent danger to vulnerable road users at side road treatments suggest it will apply to all 42 prosed and actual sites.


June 30th, 2016


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