Brunswick Square Roundabout improvements

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden Council is planning to remove the Brunswick Square roundabout and replace it with a cross roads. They have support from Marchmont Street residents association. The space reclaimed from the roundabout will be added to Brunswick Square

This roundabout is on a north-south cycle route along Judd Street, Hunter Street, Lambs Conduit Street and Red Lion Street which is currently being improved by LB Camden and will soon be signed.

Some manoeuvres on the roundabout can be hazardous for cyclists and we have already told LB Camden that we support this scheme.

They have suggested various enhancements:

- raised table at the junction

- zebra crossings over all four arms

- raise the road north of the junction to footway level (a 'shared space')

- close Lansdowne Road to motors and make Grenville Street two way

We have been asked to tell them what would be the best scheme for cyclists, to suggest what to put in the space reclaimed (e.g trees, bike stands) and to provide a drawing.

See Camden's web page:


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