Dangerous barrier on Fen Causeway pavement / cycle path.

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Added by olwen williams

A cycleway runs along the pavement on the S side of Fen Causeway. There are various metal barriers, placed to prevent pedestrians coming off a footpath and going straight onto the road. 2-3 years ago, I collided with a barrier in the cycleway.because I was blinded by on-coming car headlights to my left. This barrier is uniquely dangerous because the oncoming cars are mounting the bridge over the river. In addition, oncoming cyclists on the right may both add to the difficulty in seeing the barrier and also narrow the cycleway. In rush hour, the barrier is obscured and invisible for about 25% of the time.
I am aware of one other person who has run into the barrier, but I suspect there must be more. If you have done so, please get in touch! I have so far been unsuccessful in persuading the council that this barrier must be removed.


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