S/3405/18/RM Northstowe Parcels H5 & H6 - 240 new dwellings

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Added by Matthew

Just a quick look over reveals some serious problems.

Planning Statement Section 2.3 - 'main' cycle/pedestrian route is somewhat indirect and appears to run within the blind-spot of several driveways.

Planning Statement Section 4.4 - a litany of how NOT to design cycle parking.

Layout - missing pedestrian crossings at several minor junctions - although there also appear to be some continuous footways at others, curiously enough.


Approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following Outline planning permission S/0388/12/OL for the erection of 240 dwellings along with garages, roads, sewers and all ancillary, the outline application was subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)





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