18/1414/FUL Colville Road - demo garages & build 3 affordable units

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Added by Matthew

3x 2BR semi-detached houses.

Cycle parking provided by 'sheds', unclear on detail, except that they appear to be 1.5m by 2.1m in dimension.

Access to plot 1 is open, access to plot 2 garden is via a 0.8cm gate, and access to plot 3 garden is via an 0.7m gate and 0.7m corridor of 8.5m length.

6 car parking spaces, which exceeds the limit.

The driveway narrows to 3.5m for a significant length, although they claim to have discussed this with Highways already.

3 houses on Drayton Close have their rear gardens abutting this site and apparently gain access to their rear gardens through it. There is proposed laneway access to maintain that, at 1m width. This may pose an issue for the people living in those 3 houses.


18/1414/FUL | Demolition of garages and erection of 3no. affordable dwellings, partial widening of access and associated works | Colville Road Garages Colville Road Cambridge CB1 9EH




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