18/1470/FUL Ventress Close - 12 affordable flats and 3 affordable houses

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Added by Matthew

15 affordable dwelling units providing 26 bedrooms, with 26 cycle parking spaces, and 17 car parking spaces.

Block A cycle parking (2 areas) has some substandard dimensions:

* detached area (8 spaces) has a substandard door less than 90cm

* integral area (9 spaces) has door positioned badly such that the first cycle parking space may occlude over 30cm of the entry, and there is a 90cm pinch point along the aisle

There are also 3 detached houses with 'garden sheds' for cycle parking:

* access to the gardens is through substandard 90cm doors

* insufficient detail is shown about the sheds to determine their layout, except that they appear to be about 200cm by 250cm in width and length, which should be OK and details can be secured through condition, although the shed doors may also be 90cm, which is substandard.


Demolition of existing flats and erection of 12no affordable apartments and 3no affordable dwellings with associated access, car parking and landscaping.

9-10A Ventress Close Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 8QX



Application reference : 18/1470/FUL



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