18/1625/FUL Rear of 53-55 Wulfstan Way - three dwellings (2x 2BR & 1x 3BR)

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Added by Matthew

Cycle parking in rear gardens. Rear Recommend that rear door to dwellings be (un)lockable from the outside.

Plot 1 (3BR) does not have sufficiently sized cycle parking for 3 cycles - only suitable for 2. Should be 2,000mm wide by 2,200mm deep, with a 1,000mm door.

Access doors to the rear gardens are all substandard, less than 1,000mm, in all three plots. Access doors must be (un)lockable from both sides.

Excessive car parking spaces for the 2BR dwellings Plots 2 and 3. There are two parking spaces for each. The new Local Plan allows a maximum of 1.5 parking spaces on average.


Erection of three dwellings and provision of access.

Land To Rear Of 53 - 55 Wulfstan Way Cambridge Cambridgeshire



Application reference : 18/1625/FUL



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