Forest Hill Road Speed Reduction

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Southwark became a 20mph borough in March 2015. However, we have identified a number of sites where speeds regularly exceed 20mph, sometimes by a significant amount. This can increase the risk of accidents, as well as the risk that, when accidents occur, injuries may be more serious or even fatal.

We have conducted a detailed review of the sites where traffic most regularly exceeds the 20mph limit, and we have identified measures to encourage reduced vehicles speeds and keep them to the posted limit.

Average speeds more than 6mph above the limit, with many vehicles regularly exceeding 31mph, were observed in traffic heading northbound on Forest Hill Road, particularly around the junction with Canonbie Road. We have a duty to make any adjustments necessary to ensure that the law is being upheld, and to look after our residents’ safety.

Please see below for the plan showing the location of the changes that are planned for Forest Hill Road. These include:

Crossings on either side of the Brenchley Gardens/Canonbie Road junction to be widened and raised, providing a vertical deflection that will encourage drivers to slow down.
Proposed bench for seating at the corner of Brenchley Gardens.
New raised table between Canonbie Road and Honor Oak Rise for vertical deflection to slow traffic.
Crossing points at Honor Oak Rise and Netherby Road junctions for easier movement by pedestrians.
New cycle stands near to Netherby Road junction.
Pedestrian crossing east of Netherby Road to be widened, raised and upgraded to a zebra crossing to provide a safer crossing for schoolchildren.
We have drawn up these plans in consultation with our partners in Lewisham Council. Together, we think these works will successfully reduce speeds on Forest Hill Road and provide a much better and safer experience for pedestrians and other road users. However, we would appreciate your views on these plans, and whether there are any additional approaches we could take.

Due to cost considerations, and Forest Hill Road not meeting the current criteria for average and fixed speed camera installation, as set out by the Metropolitan Police, speed cameras will not be considered as part of this scheme. Post monitoring will be undertaken after 6 months from scheme implementation to assess the impact of the proposed measure on the effectiveness in reducing speeds.


December 10th, 2018 16:00


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