Cycle path though Clay Farm Community Garden

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Added by Dave Fox

There is to be a new cycle path running W-E through the developing community garden in the Clay Farm development in Cambridge's southern fringe. It follows the line of a gas main (purple line on the plan).

The garden is already split by Hobson Avenue running N-S. The cycle route crosses that road and there are four 15metre wide gaps in the hedge where the cycle route enters/exits the garden.

The cycle path will probably have a chicane design at each end to slow cyclists at junction points. Here are some questions about the cycle path:

* How can the design ensure safety at the Hobson Road crossing?
* What should the four entrances/exits be like?
* What garden features should there be along the cycle path’s route?
* Should there be lighting?
* What other questions occur to you about the cycle path, and what answers can you offer?

This is part of a consultation intended for local residents, however I hope that someone here might be able to comment especially on the safety of the junctions where the cycle route crosses Hobson Avenue.

(The cycle route also crosses the busway at the Foster Road stop, though I guess that bit is beyond the scope of the community garden's consultation.)

Feel free to ask me here for clarifications, and please comment at the community garden's page below.


December 14th, 2018 23:45


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