S/0296/19/DC Science Park - access from guided busway (eastern entrance)

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Added by Matthew

While this is a discharge of condition 12 of a previous application this is quite a substantial project in its own right. It looks like a significant improvement, with a wide pathway for accessing the site, a bunch of fancy architecture (some sort of series of archways over the path), and even a parallel Zebra over one of the Science Park internal roadways.

See part 6 of the D&A statement for several mentions of Camcycle input.

While I am making this an issue I do not see any immediate reason to send in a response, but those involved with the pre-application talks may want to double-check, possibly even send a letter of support if happy.


Discharge of condition 12 (a scheme detailing the widening of the footway to allow for shared use walking and cycling and a scheme showing the layout and design of the plaza area to the East of the site, including vehicle circulation, pedestrian routes, kiosks, shelters, bollards and other ancillary structures) pursuant to planning permission S/3590/17/VC Transport Plaza, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0FJ http://plan.scambs.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=S/0296/19/DC South Cambridgeshire Application reference : S/0296/19/DC



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