19/0199/FUL 220 Milton Road - extension and conversion to 6 flats

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Added by Matthew

This appears to be a new application to replace an old, approved application for 9 flats. They have cut the number of flats by 3 and increased the number of car parking spaces by 5, losing a significant amount of greenery in the process. They have also replaced a purpose-built cycle parking facility with some scattered cycle shelters that look too small. Two are 1m by 2m, and one is 2m by 2.5m. No further detail specified.

One important thing is that they received approval to remove their existing driveway access points from Milton Road and instead put a single driveway access onto Union Lane. That's good, and they still intend to do that.


Extension and conversion of the existing building to create 6no. flats comprising 2 x 3-bedroom units and 4 x 1-bedroom units along with car and cycle parking and provision of a communal garden following the demolition of the existing studio building. 220 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 1LQ https://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PMTJ3FDXJOZ00 Cambridge Application reference : 19/0199/FUL



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