17/1356/NMA1 50-60 Station Road - modification to remove cycle parking on corner

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Added by Matthew

Amendments include the following, quote:

  • cycle stands removed from the corner of Station Road / Southern Access Road as it is envisaged that a conflict will occur between pedestrians and stored cycles, inhibiting pedestrian movement down Station Road
  • reduction in overall cycle parking numbers from 632 to 610. This is still in accordance with planning policy providing 2.5 spaces greater than Cambridge Cycling Campaign standards and 3 spaces greater than the adopted Cambridge Local Plan 2018.

...a little bit rich coming from the people who want to cut two new access roads into Station Square however they are probably correct that such stands would become covered with a pile of bikes and block the footway, as they are almost directly in front of the station.

Any thoughts on what we should ask them to do in place of those stands?


Non material amendment on application 17/1356/S73 to remove cycle stands from the corner of Station Road and the reduction in overall cycle numbers from 632 spaces to 610 spaces. 32-38 Station Road And Land Adjacent Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 2JH https://idox.cambridge.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=PN79HPDXJVC00 Cambridge Application reference : 17/1356/NMA1



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