Milton Road cycle/foot paths narrow and/or blocked

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Added by Simon Powell

City Fibre commenced fibre-laying work on Milton Road in mid-June, digging trenches on both sides of the road at various locations between Downhams Lane and Gilbert Road, mostly on the north-west side.

This has reduced the combined width of the dual-direction cycle lane and pavement down to about 2 feet in places, often preventing cyclists/pedestrians from being able to physically pass each other. In some places, the footpath and cycle lane have been completely blocked with barriers for periods of time, forcing people into the main traffic lanes. In one of these places, keep-left signs have been put up next to the kerb in the reverse direction, implying that cyclists on the path should go into the traffic lane on the wrong side of the road. Social distancing for Covid-19 is obviously not possible in much of this area now, particularly when groups of workers are standing closely together in the remaining narrow path itself next to the work sites.

This has coincided with the re-opening of the primary schools and there are quite a few people using the paths. I've had to stop my kid cycling to school as we no longer have safe route down there.


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