Planning application : ESS/11/21/COL

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Added by Steven Moseley

Continuation of use of waste recycling facility without compliance with condition 11 (HGV Movement Times) of planning permission ESS/09/18/COL that was for “Erection of Clean Materials Recycling Facility at Existing Established Recycling/Recovery Facility, Relocation of Existing Staff Welfare Facility, Provision of Additional Staff Parking, Culverting Section of Existing Swale, Additional Landscaping, Rainwater Harvesting together with amendments to site operating hours and HGV movement times to permit 24 HGV Movements between 07:00- 16-30 hours on Good Fridays” to now allow for 6 HGV movements between 05:30 – 0600 hours; 10 HGV movements between 06.00 – 07.00 hours and 10 HGV movements between 07.00 – 07.30 hours to allow more flexibility in early morning movements periods.

Greenacres, Packards Lane, Wormingford, CO6 3AH


Application reference : ESS/11/21/COL


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