(A10 pedestrian and cycle route) of planning application S/0559/17/OL

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Added by Gabriel

The plans for the improved shared pavement between Waterbeach and Milton have been added to the planning portal. Planning application:  S/0559/17/COND29

Link: https://applications.greatercambridgeplanning.org/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QTPO0ADXGAT00

Also please note the A10 SLO for a reduction of the speed limit on these sections from 50mph to 40mph.


From looking at the plans my main concerns

Narrow sections - less than 3m wide, which is not LTN 1/20 compliant and very unambitious seeing as 11,000 homes are being built in Waterbeach.

The separation from the carriageway is also very unambitious at 0,5m and not a properly segregated verge. 0,5m is the absolute minimum suggested in LTN 1/20. 1m is the minimum recommended.


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