Marlborough Street to Park Row, Bristol Dutch Style Cycle Infrastructure.

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Added by David Wilcox

To investigate options to provide a safe, continuous route from St James Barton Roundabout to the top of Park Street.

Marlborough Street/Upper Maudlin Street/Perry Road/Park Row (known as the Scope Route) is the most desirable route for cyclists from the east of the city to the University, the Triangle, Clifton etc but is heavily trafficked with little cycle provision.

Research has identified three key perceptions that deter people from taking up cycling: lack of personal safety; inconvenience; poor image. Experience from countries in northern Europe shows conclusively that in order for cycling to become a mass activity attracting all ages and abilities these perceptions have to be tackled and potential cyclists must believe they will feel safe, valued and normal. Facilities are needed that form a coherent network, separate cyclists from fast, high volume traffic and offer them a high degree of priority and convenience both on main routes and local roads. The purpose of Bristol's 'Design Cycling' work programme is to create a network and that is convenient, safe and provides speedy access all over the city. A network which a 12 year old would feel comfortable using.

Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.


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