Manor Road traffic speeds

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Added by christhebull

This section of road is surprisingly hostile to cycle along on account of the restricted width, parked vehicles and high traffic speeds. I have had drivers behind me screech to a halt when they realised that they are likely to collide with me or an oncoming vehicle, and moving out to pass parked vehicles is needlessly stressful.

There is a vehicle activated "30 mph" light-up sign along this road but it is hopelessly inadequate, and more substantial methods of reducing traffic speed are going to be necessary.

Note also that the option of using Snowdon Road and then Fishponds Road is not only longer and steeper, but still involves awkward pinch points northbound along Fishponds Road. This is an important route linking the Hollies (halls of residence) and UWE Glenside with the centre of Fishponds and thus ought to be a priority within this area.


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