Consultation on Improvements to the Leather Lane Market area

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Leather Lane has a well established market that trades on the street throughout the week

To stop vehicles using Leather Lane when the market is on, Camden proposes to close access to Leather Lane and other roads leading directly to Leather Lane with some consequent changes in parking provision.

Camden Council's proposals can be seen at:

They include the following:

Option A

- close Leather Lane

- close Hatton Wall, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

- close St Cross Street, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

- close Portpool Lane and Baldwin’s Gardens where they meet Leather Lane

Option B

- same as Option A but keeps St Cross Street open


The proposal consistently refers to stopping "vehicles" using Leather Lane. It should refer to "motor vehicles" so that cycles still have access.

Reply due 5 December 2014.

Please add your comments by 1st December


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