17/0761/FUL: 5 Flats. 4no 1bed, 1no studio. Fulbourn Road, Cambridge

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Added by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer)

Demolition of an existing dwelling and the development of a single new building containing 4no 1bed flats and 1no studio.

65 Fulbourn Road Cambridge CB1 9JL



Application reference : 17/0761/FUL

Design & Access Statement:

Vehicular & Cycle Parking and Access
The current dwelling includes a separate garage to the north of the site with space for 2no cars. However, it is believed that this is garage used only for garden storage etc. and that parking for the property is generally on street. The proposal retains this current arrangement but ‘formally’ converts the garage in to a bin and bike store with the addition of a pedestrian door to Headington Drive.
The proposal promotes the adoption of low carbon transport through its location close to several bus routes, cycle ways and local amenities, and reinforces this through the provision of 10no secure, covered cycle parking spaces.

The ground floor plans show a shared bike and bin store with 5 sheffiled stands making 10 spaces. There are no measurements to show whether these will all fit in the garage but based on the picture it looks like it might be a bit of a squeeze.



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