S/1824/17/FL S/2999/16/FL: 5 new dwellings. Desmonds Close, Hauxton

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Added by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer)

Residential development comprising 5 dwellings and associated garden land, road infrastructure, landscaping, and new access from Desmonds Close following demolition of existing agricultural buildings (revision to S/2999/16/FL).

Land to the West, Desmonds Close, Hauxton, Cambridgeshire


South Cambridgeshire

Application reference : S/1824/17/FL

No indication of cycle parking in the new application (S/1824/17/FL). I am unsure if the documents in the original planning application apply (S/2999/16/FL). Have had a quick look at the original application. I can't read part one of the planning statement as it downloads as blank pages. Part 2 (pages 19 and 20) of the planning statement notes the policy requiring cycle parking but fails to respond with any explanation of how it will be provided.

Without further information we have to assume that no cycle parking has been included.



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