Chesterton Road Tree Lining - Project Consultation

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Added by Matthew

Cambridge City Council through the Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP) have allocated funding to improve the streetscape by increasing the number of trees along on Chesterton Road. We have identified a number of potential locations for new trees as shown on the 2 maps below.  

Currently we have funding available for a smaller number of trees then shown on the plans below.  We wish to prioritise a number of these trees for the first phase of works.  We would hope to be able to plant further trees when and if we get additional funding.  

This consultation gives local residents and stakeholders an opportunity to comment on and rate the potential tree location options put forward.

All the potential locations will need to take into account highways infrastructure and underground utilities services, which may affect the locations currently being considered. 

This consultation will end at noon on Friday the 15th of February 2018.


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