Woodbridge Road Cycle Lanes and Bus Stops

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Added by Jon_B

The marked cycle lane at the beginning of Woodbridge Road (heading East) is interrupted by two bus stops (seen in the photo - photo is actually taken looking west).

Unsurprisingly, buses pull in there regularly, leaving cyclists to either wait behind them or to overtake, which involves moving into the right hand lane. This is also at a point where traffic coming from St Helen's Street is merging into this right hand lane from the right, which is basically a recipe for disaster.

My view is that the bus stops should be repainted outside the cycle lane, and the cycle lane then interrupted with a give way marking requiring cyclists to give priority to pedestrians crossing the lane to board or alight from buses.

There would be no additional inconvenience to cars (as the buses block the lane anyway) and risk of bus passenger / cycle conflict could be minimised by the give way markings.


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