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  • Cambridge South West Travel Hub

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    GCP project:

    Junction 11 of the M11 is a key entry point into Cambridge. With significant growth in housing and employment in the area, upgrading the existing transport infrastructure in this area is vital to reduce congestion and improve access into the city.

    Congestion impacts on current bus journey times making journeys unreliable, unattractive and longer than necessary, as well as affecting the convenience and comfort of cycling trips on the corridor.

    By expanding the existing Travel Hub in Trumpington and creating more Travel Hub provision (either by creating multi-storey parking at the Trumpington site or a new Travel Hub to the west of Junction 11), car drivers can be encouraged to complete their journeys by bus. More Travel Hub use would help the flow of traffic and make employment sites such as the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, West and North Cambridge easier to reach.

    A consultation on increasing Travel Hub spaces to the south west of Cambridge ran until 21 December 2018. Thank you to those who attended our events and responded to the consultation. We will now collate the responses and publish a report in the Spring of 2019.

    The Cambridge South West Travel Hub Project is a component of the West of Cambridge package, which includes review and development options for Travel Hub facilities, creation of new Travel Hub locations, and enhancement or upgrade of existing facilities.

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  • New bus stop(s) on Addenbrookes site

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    A new bus stop has been created on Francis Crick Avenue just south of the junction with the busway on the east side. The problem is that there's a mandatory cycle lane there. Currently buses park in the cycle lane. It's also only 10m from the toucan crossing.

    According to there might also be another stop outside the MRC on the west side, also with a mandatory cycle lane.

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  • Trixi mirrors needed to see around the corner

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    This bend where Hobson Street and St Andrew's Street meet, is quite a blind one. Buses and taxis go around it at speed, unaware of bikes coming the other way in the contraflow, and frequently take a line which could knock a cyclist off their bike. Likewise bike riders can't see what's coming.

    It needs something like a couple of trixi mirrors so that drivers and riders alike can see around the corner and know what's coming.

    Such a solution should be simple and cheap, and as far as I know, not need too much bureaucracy.

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  • Bus doing three point turn in Station Place/Brookgate junction

    Created by Sam Webster // 1 thread

    Today, I came across a bus doing a three point turn here. He was coming from the direction of the station and ended up going back that way. I was trying to turn right from Brookgate into the Busway and had to get off the road and onto the pavement so he could complete the maneuver. He was pretty rude about it as well - 'You going to move or what?'

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