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  • Addenbrooke's bike group meeting report

    Richard G // 4 threads

    Hi everyone

    A short report back from yesterday's BUG-WAG
    (bicycle user group - walking action group) on the Addenbrooke's campus

    The junction of Adrian Way & Long Road had the origional plan for a bike right turn island rejected on the grounds of pedestrian safety. Nothing was forthcoming as to any change

    units and departments are being encouraged to take part in the Cambridge Cycle Challenge

    After the meeting with some campaign members about the path/junction by outpatients carpark, new plans are being drawn up without the barrier & in effect, just a T juntion. Not sure if planners will insist on 'STOP' or 'Give Way' signs. We hope to be informed.

    there are some changes to existing cycle parking, some racks being relocated away from the main drag to make more disabled parking spaces. Railings around the front entrance are being removed with the effect that bikes chained to them will have to go somewhere else. The trust seem to think that they have an excess of spaces for bikes, but that cyclists dont always travel further to use them. I'm really not convinced they have an excess & will be doing another sitewide count of bikes/spaces soon
    There still does not seem to be any bigger plan to place cycle parking as the site developments happen, rather just a piecemeal approach where everyone does their own thing.

    A (i think big) issue that was brought up is where 'The Forum' development works & access plans were seen for the first time.
    The Forum is the building that will go on the carparks opposite ATC, and around the Frank Lee. A bus stop will close, foot paths will close and the most concern to the group was that hoardings will go up on the actual curb line. We thought this would make a very intimidating route to cycle eastbound along Robinson Way. We are expecting a scan of the plans & I will circulate (as part of a new thread)

    There were some other info bits about the Hills Road changes (happening), cycleway lighting, the OWL bike maintenance people's hours and the potential impact of the Park & Ride charges starting next week


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  • Francis Crick Avenue

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    At yesterday's BUG-WAG meeting, it was clear that Addenbrooke's themselves have heard dissatisfaction about this area. I said I'd forward comments from members, of which I remember many, but in no detail at all, just a lot of comments. However, doing a search for "Francis" or "Crick" pulls up no results, so either any thread on this is so obscurely labelled I can't find it, or all the traffic I remember seeing is on the members' email list which I don't have archives for.

    I've been asked to send comments asap, as I get the feeling they want to lean on the developers to fix snags.

    Either, can someone point me to the correct Cyclescape thread, or, assuming that doesn't exist, can people, if they can remember what they said (or think every day), can they repost here. I will collate comments anonymously into a file and send to Katharine Smith. The new LMB already had comments about how you are supposed to actually get a bike to the cycle parking from the road as that didn't seem to have been thought of!

    I get the feeling this is needed fairly soon, hence the plea so early on a Saturday morning, so I can try to do a dossier tomorrow or Monday.

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