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  • Barton Road Conduit Subsidence

    Created by Finlay KM // 1 thread

    The brook conduit has partially collapsed under the road and the shared-use path. It is currently being repaired (after nearly a year) but the contractors have made use of a very interesting "Cyclists dismount and get an escort" sign. A yellow ramp also makes passing on any non-standard cycle a real challenge. Both of these items are really bad practice and actively discriminate against anyone on a non-standard cycle.

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  • Improving Barton Road cycle provision

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 3 threads

    The county council is reviewing parking arrangements along the Barton Road, between Newnham Road and Grantchester Street (do they not mean Grantchester Road?). They say that in some places - parking restricts traffic flow along Barton Road, although the only restrictions I've ever seen have been due to tail-backs from Fen Causeway.

    They are proposing three options, one with minor changes and the loss of 3-5 parking spaces; one with more yellow lines in narrower sections, the loss of 10-12 parking spaces and signs prohibiting coach parking in places; and one replacing all parking on the south (westbound) side with an on-road cycle path, and the loss of about 50 parking spaces.

    I assume we would push for the third option, but why not Dutch-style hybrid lanes (on both sides, perhaps)? Ah yes, that'll cost more than painting a white line. Oh well.

    There's an exhibition at Cambridge Rugby Club on Grantchester Rd on Nov 7th (1-8pm) and you can respond online at
    until Nov 23rd.

    - Tim

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