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    How can we support the growth of local initiatives ?

    How can we overcome the division urban and rural cycling?

    Would it be useful to establish a network of regional groups?

    Could such a network become an interesting partner for the county planners?

    Would politicians be able to hear us better if we speak from a position of regional awareness, a a group of groups?

    Would it help the elected to understand that things are changing on our roads?

    Could such a network support constituent groups, facilitate exchange between these groups, become a more important player in the national context?

    Could such a network attract its own funding?

    What would be a good name for such a grouping (NAMES ARE IMPORTANT)

    We have CTC, Ely, A10 Corridor, Martin T thinking about something in Bury St Edmunds, "Routes around Chatteris", Wisbech forum (set up by the County), - anything else ?

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