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  • Cycling route sign in Cherry Hinton points in wrong direction

    Created by Sergei Shishlov // 0 threads

    The blue road sign which indicates the cycling route towards Addenbrookes, Trumpington and Newnham is pointing in the wrong direction. It currently points along High Street to the north, whereas the in fact both locations are to the south. So the sign is pointing in the opposite direction and needs to be turned at 180 degrees. Two other signs attached to the same pole pointing to Fulbourn and various other locations in Cambridge are positioned correctly. 

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  • Cherry Hinton North Development

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    As part of the Local Plan 2014 process, a 44 hectare site north of Cherry Hinton has been identified by Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) as being suitable for new residential development. The site is being promoted by Marshall Group Properties and Endurance Estates.

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