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  • Overgrown vegetation blocking Love Lane

    Anon // 1 thread

    Towards the west end of Love Lane, vegetation overhanging from the south does not allow an adult to pass (on foot or cycle) without bending. (Photo is looking west.)

    Noticed on 13 July, confirmed still there 20 July.

    Reported to Cambridgeshire County Council 19 July (ref 00438005). They closed the report 24 July, saying "The issue you raised with us is the responsibility of the landowner. Unfortunately we do not have records of who is responsible for this location and we are therefore unable to take any action."

    (This area has been problematic previously -- see KW's reporting in March 2023 on the 'exclusionary barriers' thread. Not sure if exactly the same vegetation, but same general area.)

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  • Cherry Hinton library roundabout .

    Created by cpax // 1 thread

    . I regularly have to use this mini roundabout ( 3 times a week )and when approaching from Fulbourn I find that drivers are increasingly 

     ignoring the give-way to traffic coming from the right rule and as I brake they then drive up the cycle route .

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  • Redevelopment proposed for land south of Coldham's Lane

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Developer Anderson Group is hosting a community planning weekend later this month to give residents the chance to draw up a masterplan for land south of Coldhams Lane.

    “It’s about building good quality houses in good quality communities,” the company’s Christian Criscione told the Cambridge Independent ahead of a launch of the project on Tuesday (October 30).

    The former quarry and landfill site includes the Cherry Hinton lakes and land parcels to the north of the railway line.

    It has been identified by Cambridge City Council as an “area of major change” and the authority has been actively promoting the land for regeneration with “appropriate redevelopment”.

    As well as built development such as housing, the council has expressed ideas including the opening of the lakes, environmental improvements, outdoor recreation areas and a new urban country park.

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  • South Area Committee Meetings

    Created by Roxanne (CEO) // 4 threads

    Area Committees are a joint meeting attended by both city and county councillors. They decide on planning issues in the area, but also have a role in the allocation of community development money from S106 contributions. They offer an opportunity to engage with multiple councillors at once, through the Open Forum section and speaking on specific Agenda items. The South Area's website is here:

    Speaking at these meetings is a good way of making your feelings on matters the councils control public.

    The South Area Committee covers Cherry Hinton, Queen Edith's and Trumpington wards.

    If you live in one of these wards you have the opportunity of getting involved in the committee's work and giving your views and ideas about how to improve community life.

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