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  • Threat of barrier on existing Highworth Ave cycle route

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    I've gotten wind that some residents are pushing for an exclusionary barrier of some kind to block the existing filter at Highworth Ave / Leys Road. Right now it's a couple of nice planters with a reasonably-sized gap that any kind of cycle can ride through. I don't know exactly what they're planning but they want to stop motorbikes, which can only mean something really obnoxious for everyone else.

    While I sympathise about the motorbike problem (I see them too, being a nearby resident and frequent user of this cut-through), I am very worried about this kneejerk reaction that will harm legitimate users of the filter. A form of collective punishment for the actions of a few, basically.

    I would like to alert people who may be worried about yet-another obstacle on a cycle route, or even possibly losing a nice quiet cycle route that lets us avoid nasty parts of Arbury and Milton Roads.

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  • Dangerous corner for cycling at Storey's Way

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Bikes leaving the cul-de-sac, heading East, have to cross traffic twice. There is poor visibility and vehicles rat-run through the area.

    With the North West Cambridge development coming forward, this problem will get worse in time.

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