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  • Perse school head harassing children who cycle

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    The Perse school headmaster is attacking families who don't subscribe to the cult of hiviz and helmets. There's national implications. I think Camcycle is going to have to respond, in correspondence with affected parents. Do we have any as members?

    Quote from

    “Everyone who cycles to school must wear high-visibility clothing, correctly fitted cycle helmets, they must have working front and rear lights, brakes and pedal reflectors,” Elliott told the Times.

    From the Times:

    A leading school is getting tough on pupils who cycle dangerously — and urging others to follow its lead

    Ed Elliott, headmaster at the £17,000-a-year Perse School in Cambridge, has drawn up strict rules specifying what pupils must wear while cycling, as well as the condition in which they need to keep their bikes to ensure they are roadworthy.

    Breaking the regulations means a stiff letter home to parents and — for a repeat offence — a one-hour detention.

    Teachers report pupils’ reckless cycling, and Elliott and his staff carry out spot checks on the bikes and clothing.

    Cycling UK has already put out a statement:

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  • Shelfords and Stapleford School Bus Cancellation

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    We have been contacted by a parent with the following concern.

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I'm in need of some expert advice/ opinions regarding a shared stretch of national cycle route in South Cambridge.
    Cambridge County Council have notified hundreds of parents, myself included, that they are withdrawing the home to school buses from the Shelfords and Stapleford areas to Sawston Village College. They have assessed the route and claim it is safe for a child accompanied by an adult to walk to school. It is this criteria that I'm challenging, on the grounds of safety.
    I'm in the process of appealing the decision along with many others. The particular stretch of path that I feel is highly dangerous is on the way out of Stapleford on A1301 after the bridge over the river Cam, I'll attach some pictures that I lifted from google streetmaps which should give an idea of the dangers. This is a single pass stretch with limited field of vision next to a 50mph limit main A road into Cambridge.
    Ideally it would be great to have the recommended 2.1m for each cycle lane plus footpath, but obviously CCC prefer to cut and not spend and in doing so endanger young peoples lives.
    I rack up 100 miles most weeks on my bike, so this is very much from an experienced cyclists perspective and I know this decision will only put more cars on the road, as well as make the cycle route more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians alike.
    Is this something you think you could help with? and are there any other campaigners/ experts who might be interested too?
    I have until 11 May to submit the appeal form, the appeal hearing is mid June I think.

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