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  • Hit and run by taxi - Milton Rd

    Created by Hilary Costello // 1 thread

    My friend was knocked off her bike by a grey taxi on Milton Road on Friday Feb 2 2018 between 8:40-8:45 am. She ended up in the middle of the road and no one stopped. She went to A&E and is thankfully OK, mostly just shaken up and bruised.

    She has reported the accident to the police who said they will mark it as an incident but not investigate. I've walked out to where it happened and there are cameras at the green end road/milton road intersection and at the guided busway that could help identify the taxi. Does anyone have any advice on how we could push the matter forward? It seems wrong that a taxi driver can hit someone, drive away and not even a little effort is put in to investigate?

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  • Knocked off by taxi, Bridge street

    Richard G // 1 thread

    I was knocked off by a taxi who ignored the priority southbound traffic signs.
    Does anyone know how I can :
    A, review any CCTV footage from then
    B, take that to the Council taxi licence people?

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  • Collision on Roundabout - From Trumpington Road North onto Fens Causeway

    Created by holmestm // 1 thread

    Just wanted to report a collision on 1/6/15 at about 1700 between myself and a car in Cambridge.

    Travelling South on Trumpington Road, turning into Fens Causeway I was hit by a car travelling North at the roundabout. There are three lanes of traffic heading north, the outmost car gave way correctly but the car in the second lane for whatever reason chose to accelerate onto the roundabout and hit me square on. I heard the noise of a revving engine, turned and watched the car drive straight into me. I felt the bonnet of the car as it hit and heard the sound of the impact, have a vague recollection about spinning through the air then hitting the tarmac. Although I was wearing a helmet it didn't help as I landed on my right buttock, back and leg.

    Fortunately there were several witnesses including medically trained people who left their cars to help; the driver of the car involved remained in his car.

    The police took about 25 minutes to arrive and the ambulance about 10 minutes after that.

    I have nothing but praise for everyone who stopped and helped, the police, the paramedics and the A&E staff at Addenbrookes. The driver of the car knows what I think of him as I was quite vocal when he tried to get involved. He apparently told the police that I had 'cut the corner' of the roundabout. I'm not sure what he meant by this, nor was the police officer.

    I count myself very lucky. Although I've been off work since the collision, I have no broken bones - just serious bruising, a lot of pain in my back and hip which I'm assuming will go away eventually. The ironic thing is that I'd been cycling from Melbourn to Hills Road since the previous week up and down the A10, and had decided to try a different route over Chapel Hill as I thought it might be safer.

    I'm curious though, does this junction not have a history of collisions? I can recall seeing at least one there myself in the past. What is the recommended route for cyclists travelling this route?

    I took the advice of the Campaign website and contacted Cycleaid for legal advice. I'll report back the outcome as things progress if anyone is interested.

    BTW not sure how to draw a route on the map AND mark the collision point, so I've just done the latter.

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  • Bike & Bus Harmony leaflet

    Created by John Hall // 1 thread

    Warrington Cycle Campaign have produced a leaflet aimed at improving the mutaul understanding of cyclists and bus drivers points of view.

    It is called "Bus Drivers & Cyclists in Harmony"

    We hope to promote better relations between the two groups via a similar leaflet. The key goal is safety but enhanced respect by both parties would be of benefit.

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