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  • 21/05178/SCOP: Hybrid Planning Application, North Commercial Quarter

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread

    Request for a formal scoping opinion for Hybrid Planning Application comprising Full Planning Permission for c47,280sqm (GEA) of Class E floorspace comprising an office building (One Milton Avenue) and two lab buildings together with ground floor amenity uses, a Mobility Hub comprising of c1031 car parking spaces including c3,742sqm of Class E floorspace at ground floor level, a temporary car park of c379 spaces, a wildlife habitat area, Network Rail compound area, enabling works and associated infrastructure; and Outline Planning Permission for c41,940 sqm (GEA) of Class E floorspace comprising one lab building and one office building, together with ground floor amenity uses, enabling works and associated infrastructure.

    Cambridge North Commercial Quarter


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