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  • Coldhams Lane

    Created by Paula Downes // 4 threads

    The road is unloved, has very few trees, has a lot of traffic, moving fast or jammed. Air quality is poor. Cyclists cycle along the pavement very fast which is dangerous for pedestrians. The cycle lanes on the road are not safe. It is difficult for cyclists to cross the road since there are not enough crossings. A lot of people park near Coldhams Common on Saturdays. Many people have created driveways to avoid people parking in front of their houses in the parking bays. Crossing the little roads (Brampton, Vinery Road, Vinery Way) is difficult because the cars block the path as they wait to get onto Coldhams Lane and greenery prevents pedestrians from going behind those cars.

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  • Proposed Zebra Crossing and Relocation of Residents Parking Bay, Albion Row and Mount Pleasant

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridgeshire County Council as part of a Local Highways Improvement scheme proposes to install a Zebra Crossing on Albion Row, Cambridge. To allow for the Zebra Crossing, it is proposed to relocate the existing Residents Parking Bays onto the south east end of Mount Pleasant, replacing a length of the existing Pay and Display.

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  • Sawston crossing

    Created by Tim Burford // 0 threads

    I couldn’t tell from the Cyclescape map interface whether there is already a thread on the crossing at the northern junction to Sawston - but I see that it is now being rebuilt, and there seems to be a quite a sizeable central island. Did the inadequate plans get changed? (and why has there been no mention of this if so?)

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  • Cherry Hinton/Fulbourn Road signalised junction

    Created by cobweb // 0 threads

    From the EIP programme for the South Area Committee, a proposal to put in a signalised crossing. (The report mentions Fulbrooke Road (which is in Newnham and not part of this patch) but I think it means here instead.) It's likely to get South Area Transport Corridor funding. No more details given.

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  • Bell School development

    Created by cobweb // 3 threads

    Outline planning permission was given in 2008 for this development of up to 347 houses. In 2011 a reserved matter relating to the design on the junction was refused by the Joint Development Control forum. This is still a subject of debate. Another concern is the path adjacent to Babraham Road which is much used by staff at Addenbrooke's either on foot on by bike.

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  • Improve crossing safety

    Created by cobweb // 1 thread

    Improvements proposed by a resident to the safety of the pedestrian crossing at the Trumpington Road/Fen Causeway junction.

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