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  • Difficult crossing at airport way roundabout

    Created by Jacob Bramley // 1 thread

    There are better-than-average cycle paths either side of this junction, but actually crossing at this point is very difficult because there is a near-constant stream of vehicular traffic leaving the roundabout to head into town.

    Alternative routes (avoiding this crossing) involve lengthy detours.

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  • Cycle crossing signal timings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Issue derived from June 2017 monthly meeting: this issue tracks information related to the timing of traffic signals that control cycle crossings (e.g. Maids Causeway / Fair St, East Road / Norfolk St, Queens Rd / Burrell's Walk, Gonville Place / Gresham Rd, all along Guided Busway, appearing on various countryside routes, etc).

    We would like to gather the following information:

    a) how are the signals programmed currently (and when they change, what have they been changed to?)
    b) who is responsible for the programming of the cycle as well as the placement of cycle detectors (if any)?
    c) when needed, what levers can be pushed to get signals changed to give more priority to people walking and cycling?

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  • Maids Causeway toucan crossing cycle detectors not working

    Created by Stefan Kaye // 1 thread

    For several weeks now, ever since part of the surface of the path was repaired, the cycle detector loops at the crossing of Maids Causeway from Midusummer Common to Fair Street have not been working. This means that cyclists using the crossing have stop and press the button unless the road is already completely clear. Does anyone know any more about this problem, and to whom should a complaint be addressed?

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