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  • Nightingale Avenue cycle route

    Created by wookey // 1 thread

    Nightingale Avenue should be a major cycle route between the biomedical campus (via Red Cross Lane) and Queen Ediths in general and places beyond. It is the natural route for many people, for example between Trumpington/Shelford/Sawston and numerous schools, Cherry Hinton/Arm etc. It is already quite well-used but could be much better with some dedicated infrastructure.

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  • Babraham P&R to Addenbrookes cycleway

    Created by wookey // 2 threads

    Out of the A1307 Linton Greenway consultation has come a plan for the section between Addenbrooke's roundabout and the Babraham P&R, which the county/GCP are keen to move forward. There was an initial invite-only consultation event on Thur 31st Jan for local residents/residents associations to comment.

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  • dangerous junction - no visibility

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    A few years back, the university reopened the Fitzwilliam Gate off the Downing Site, which had been locked and closed for many years. This was to facilitate a one-way system on the site so that vehicles enter via Botany, but leave via Fitzwilliam.

    There is a wall which obstructs visibility of drivers exiting - it is very hard to see traffic coming from the Lensfield Road (southern) end of Tennis Court Road. I spent a few minutes chatting to a friend on that corner and we saw several near-misses.

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  • Cycle route maintenance

    Created by Monica Frisch // 8 threads

    Cycle routes and cycle paths need maintenance. This issue is somewhere to raise matters relating to standards of path maintenance, problems of poor maintenance, and examples of good maintenance.

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  • Lack of cycle routes to Cambridge Business Park, Waterbeach

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    My employer is planning to relocate from central cambridge to the Cambridge Business Park (near Waterbeach). There is currently no decent cycle (or footpath!) access to this business park which avoids riding along the A10. I am a confident cyclist but I am not looking forward to riding to work along sections of the A10.

    Are there any plans for cycle route construction which the campaign can, perhaps, help accelerate?

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  • Mariner's Way underpass (Cutter Ferry path)

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    From: Old Chesterton Residents Association
    Sent: ‎01/‎02/‎2014 15:19
    To: ...
    Subject: Consultation on 5th February

    If you have views on the Mariners Way/Cutter Ferry Lane underpass, you have an opportunity to make them known at a consultation arranged at St Andrew's Hall on 5th February. Details are attached.

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